News and Info for 07/21/2016

  • “Paluch and Olio are the latest recipients of a summer research fellowship program offered through the Kelly Adirondack Center. Now in its fourth year, the competitive program selects students enrolled in an undergraduate, master’s or doctoral program in urban planning, public policy, environmental science, the physical sciences or social sciences.”

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  • “A tour of hidden Adirondack mountain camps from the late 19th and early 20th Centuries reveals how women in another era fashioned retreats of freedom and creativity for themselves.”

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  • “A program on Lake George is an example of the kind of success New York can have when it commits to protecting the environment — not to mention one of upstate’s best known tourist attractions. It didn’t come easily. Even as the state was aware of a growing problem with invasive plants and creatures in the lake — things like Asian clams, Eurasian watermilfoil, spiny water fleas — it resisted the idea of requiring boats entering the lake to be inspected. First came a voluntary program in 2012, then a mandatory one in early 2013, and finally a round-the-clock one later that year.”

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News and Info for 07/19/2016

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Cranberry Lake Regional Arts Show: August 6 and 7

Press Release July 15, 2016

Contact: Gail Gotham, and 315-848-2278

First Is Great: Cranberry Lake Regional Arts Show

This summer will mark the first annual art show in Cranberry Lake featuring the works of artists in the towns of Clifton and Fine.

“We wanted to do something to honor the talent here but also spark more visitors to this absolutely beautiful and often unsung part of the Adirondack Park. The news from here is usually difficult — the paper mill fails, the grocery store closes, our young people leave to find work.”

“In spite of the difficulties, a unique and rich artist community has flourished here — chronicling the beauty and wild nature of our lakes, rivers and wild forest,” said Gail Gotham, Co-Chair of the Art Show. Famous artists Frederic Remington and Marc Chagall both spent time in Cranberry Lake and returned to be inspired by the peace, quiet and wilderness here. Showcased will be works including pottery thrown with the waters of Cranberry Lake, paintings of the wild places, rugs hooked telling the stories of simple things – the beauty in a rack of logs on a truck, loons, and water lilies.

“The artwork in this show ranges from artisan furniture to quilts to pottery to stained glass,” said Gotham. We were inspired by all the beauty we had the privilege to witness and ultimately incorporate into the show.” Much of the work will be for sale and a silent auction will accompany the exhibition to raise funds for next year’s show.

“A group of dynamic volunteers has organized this first ever art show this summer — working diligently and joyfully in celebration of this place we love,” said Marilyn Zimber, Co-Chair of the show.

“We will have a two day show (free of charge) and a reception honoring Jeannie Reynolds—over sixty years of paintings celebrating the region,” Zimber said. The reception will kick off the show on Friday evening from 7:30 to 9pm and will feature a display of her lifetime of work.


August 6 and 7 from 10am to 4pm

Clifton Community Center on Route 3 in Cranberry Lake

OPENING ARTISTS RECEPTION: Honoring Painter Jeannie Reynolds

August 5 from 7:30 to 9, Artists in Show Will Be Present, Refreshments Served

Cranberry Lake Fire Hall Community Room on Route 3 in Cranberry Lake

Both events are open to the Community and FREE OF CHARGE

Featured work includes

"Stained Glass and Driftwood" by Mary Pat Blanding
“Stained Glass and Driftwood” by Mary Pat Blanding
"Adirondack Logs" rug hooking by Char Lough
“Adirondack Logs” rug hooking by Char Lough
"Hand Thrown Pottery" by Gai Gotham
“Hand Thrown Pottery” by Gai Gotham
"Wanakena Setback" painting by Suzie Rabideau.
“Wanakena Setback” painting by Suzie Rabideau.

News and Info for 07/16/2016

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News and Info for 07/13/2016

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News and Info for 07/12/2016

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News and Info for 07/11/2016

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News and Info for 07/10/2016: Life jackets and PFDs

  • “Boaters enjoy the feel of sun and spray. So it’s tempting to boat without wearing a life jacket especially on nice days. But modern life jackets are available in a wide variety of shapes, colors, and sizes. Many are thin and flexible. Some are built right into fishing vests or hunter coats. Others are inflatable as compact as a scarf or fanny pack until they hit water, when they automatically fill with air.”


  • “Selecting the best life jacket for the boating activities that you enjoy can be a daunting challenge when you enter a West Marine store. There are a wide variety of different life jackets, but that’s a good thing, because there are a wide variety of types of boating.”


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The Cardboard Boat Race is back on July 16!

On Saturday, July 16th, the Cranberry Lake Boat Club will sponsor the Cranberry Lake Cardboard Boat Race. It will take place at the Cranberry Lake public beach on Route 3.

2013 Cardboard Boat Race

The boat check in is at Noon and the race is at 1:00. There is no deadline to enter and
entry fee is $30 per boat.

Categories are Child/Child, Adult/Child, or Adult/Adult. Child category is for 13 and under.

Each category winner will receive a medal for first place. There will also be medals for the best of show, most likely to float, and most likely to sink. All paddlers who participate will receive a T-shirt.

Start working on your boat!! All you need is cardboard, paint and duct tape. Click here to register and get more information.

Entry Rules

There are three (3) entry categories, each consisting of two people:

  1. adult / adult
  2. adult / child (13 and under)
  3. child (13 and under) / child (13 and under)

Race Rules

  • In order to place for a trophy during the boat races, both crew members must be in
    their boat as they cross the finish line.
  • Life jackets must be worn by all participants while racing.
  • Participants must provide their own paddles and life jackets.
  • A race number will be assigned to each team.
  • All boats must be removed from the beach after the race is completed.

Award Categories

  • Best in Show
  • Most Likely to Float
  • Titanic (Most likely to Sink)
  • First Place Winner in each Category

Rules for Building an Eligible Boat

  • Boats must be made of cardboard only- no metal, wood, or rigid foam (styrofoam or
  • Builder may use glue, sealant, wax, duct tape, sonotubes and wax cardboard only – no
  • No motors allowed
  • Paddles may be of wood or plastic
  • Boat name must be clearly visible on the boat

11th Annual Benefit for the Clifton Community Library Paddle for the Library!

The Paddle for the Library is sponsored by the Cranberry Lake Boat Club.

Time: Saturday, July 30th, 2016, from 1:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m.
Place: Wanakena – paddle on the beautiful, meandering Oswegatchie River
Pre-registration: Clifton Community Library or through Nick Hunter (848-2155). For your convenience, you can download, fill out, and send this form to the library.
Same Day Registration: Wanakena Town Beach beginning at noon on day of paddle,
or you may sign up at any “goal” docks.


Paddlers car-topping their boats may launch at the Wanakena Town Beach or the
Informal launch ramp on Ranger School Road near the Pine Cone Grill.

Each Paddler will receive a lanyard chip vial and a map at the library.

At each goal dock the participant will receive a chip redeemable for one card in a poker hand, to be dealt at the close of the paddle at the Pine Cone Grill (about 4pm). See map for location of goal docks and the Pine Cone Grill.

Paddlers may start at any of the goal docks, each goal dock will be marked with an orange traffic cone.

Participants may collect as many chips as there are goal docks, but must have at least 5 chips to play.

The dealer at the Pine Cone will deal one random card per chip beginning at 4 pm You may purchase 1 additional card ($5). You may play your best 5 cards (trustworthy card sharks will be there to help). Prizes will be awarded for the best poker hands!

Each participant will receive 3 raffle tickets for Tricky Tray prizes!
In addition, a 50/50 drawing will also be held to benefit the Library!

Each Participant Must Abide by New York State Boating Regulations

Map and Directions to the Library

Map and Directions to Wanakena